Excavation services for homes in Fairfield, Connecticut

What Is Excavation?

Excavation services involve more than just hauling dirt. At Fairfield County Excavation we are involved in various levels of excavation including site preparation, trenching, grading, and other soil-related tasks. We achieve all this using specialized heavy equipment.
On a site preparation project, our portion of work usually begins once the crew has determined the lot and house boundaries. We are responsible for extracting soil to the depth needed for a new foundation as well as ensuring that all the soil is firm by conducting compaction tests. If the soil is not compacted enough we use compaction equipment to ensure that it is.
When excavating the ground we have to ensure that the digging requirements are precise therefore an excavation contractor should be able to use a transit and level that compares to the grade posted by a survey crew.
After footers and stem walls are put in place for the foundation, we are responsible for backfilling around the new foundation.

Other services we offer include:

  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Subdivision

We also are involved in property excavation for:

  • Driveways
  • Swimming Pools
  • Lot and Yard Grading

Need Excavation?

    Serving Fairfield County

    Fairfield County is situated on Connecticut’s Gold Coast where the small town is surrounded by other similarly small towns such as Westport, Trumbull and Easton.


    Fairfield County Excavation has built a solid reputation excavating and constructing beautiful homes in the Fairfield area. Here’s a testimonial from one of our happy customers:
    “Great service and exceeded expectations. Went above and beyond the agreed contract, maintained proper care and completed beautiful stone veneer on the front of my gas station. The landscaping and masonry work turned out to be tremendous and we couldn’t be happier. It was a pleasure to work with Giglio from start to finish. From the first meeting and dealings with the office, to the execution of the work and the final result ended in exactly what we were looking for. Thank you again for such a great service.”

    Excavation Services

    We have a wide range of equipment for excavation projects including bulldozers, rollers, backhoes, excavators, mini-excavators, and skid steers. We also utilize air and hand tools. Equipped with the right tools and skilled labor we are able to quickly yet efficiently finish any excavation project. Some of the excavation services that we offer include residential excavations, installation of sanitary, storm, and water lines, footings and foundations, grading, site restoration, backfilling and compaction.

    General Excavation

    General excavation is one of the most needed services. Whether you are dealing with a tough job or a really large project when Fairfield County Excavation gets involved we put our best foot forward and bring out all the tools needed to get the job done including mini-excavating equipment as well as heavy duty machinery.

    Utility Excavation

    We have expertise in utility projects such as sanitary and storm sewer installations. By combining site work with utility work we are able to keep on-site costs low by avoiding outside contractors. Some of our services as far as utility excavation goes include water supply, leak detection and repair, basin and culvert cleanouts, erosion control, site preparation and much more.

    Hydro Excavation Services

    Hydro excavation is a non-destructive and safe technique of excavation that is designed to reduce risk when excavating near underground utility lines.
    When excavation is done with the wrong equipment in locations where underground utilities are situated, it increases the potential risk of damaging utility lines and can result in property damage, death or bodily harm.
    Some of the hydro excavation services we offer includes leak detection, line fault repairs, utility excavation, pipeline tie-ins, trenching, and daylighting.

    Remedial Excavation

    Despite the size of the remedial excavation project, you should be confident that Fairfield County Excavation has handled similar projects before. Some of the remedial excavation services include test pits, underground storage tanks, removal of buried drums, as well as the removal of contaminated soil.
    In addition, we also provide a number of shoring solutions to support any opposite structure and control groundwater from entering the area.

    Construction, Demolition, and Subdivision


    We utilize the most recent technology as well as project management best practices to give you award-winning results on any construction project you have. We would love to hear the details of your construction project and let you know how our construction expertise would be of assistance.


    No matter the size of your demolition project you can rest assured that we have the expertise handle it all; top to bottom. We have the skilled labor and specialized equipment to revert your site back to flat dirt. Our demolitions services includes building demolition and commercial demolition.


    Fairfield County is one of the richest counties in the United States. We are committed to maintaining a premier lifestyle for families by constructing high-end subdivisions. Get in touch with us for references as well as more information on subdivisions we’ve worked on in the past.

    Property Excavation


    No matter the lay of your land we will build you an exquisite driveway that will last a long time. We are experts in the construction of different types of driveways including commercial driveways, residential driveways, and rural driveways. You will be happy to know that we work with a variety of surfaces including asphalt, concrete and gravel.

    Swimming Pools

    We use a variety of tools for swimming pool excavation such as heavy-duty machines like the skid-steer and the backhoe not to forget shovels and other hand tools used for the finishing touches. The excavation process is precise and speedy.

    Lot and Yard Grading

    We are capable of doing both rough and fine grading. Let us know what kind of yard grading you need. Grading on lots with excessive concrete, dirt, construction debris, and weeds will require more manpower and equipment use before any sod installation can take place.