Fairfield County Residential Excavation

Here at Fairfield County Excavation, we have a wide range of residential excavation services on offer. We provide drainage system excavation in addition to residential site and hardscaping excavation.

Drainage Systems

One of the areas we work on is drainage systems. We install drainage systems that are capable of handling all your home and property needs, including:

  • Drywells
  • Catch Basins
  • Footing Drains
  • Curtain Drains

Excavation and Grading

For excavating and grading services we utilize heavy machinery to handle projects of different sizes and scopes. Among the machines we use are backhoes, excavators, and bulldozers for digging, locating and removing dirt, as well as preparing sites for construction.

Masonry and Hardscape Design

We have a set of skilled workers who are capable of curbing and enhancing your home’s appeal. We can design your walkways, stone walls, stone fireplaces, and outdoor seating among others. If you are in need of a suitable septic system, we are the best Fairfield County excavation services to contact.

Residential Site Development Services

The site development service is a comprehensive task that involves building development, excavation, hydroseeding, and hardscape design. We also do residential development tasks like landscape design & construction, masonry design, driveway construction, and property development among others.

We also provide additional, specialty residential excavation services that include:

Topsoil Excavation: This involves removing exposed or topmost areas of the earth’s surface. It gets rid of soil, vegetation and other decaying materials could result in making the land unsuitable for structures.

Rock Excavation: This is done on rocky surfaces that obscure the building process. We handle this using a special technique such as blasting or drilling.

Muck Excavation: Some grounds have a combination of soil and water (muck). On such grounds, we apply muck excavation to move the muck to another area for the surface to dry.

Earth Excavation: Fairfield county earth excavation seeks to get rid of the soil, as well as the layer beneath topsoil in order to facilitate construction.

Cut and Fill: These services are meant for clearing large areas. When partaking in this task, we remove shallow and wide layers of sand, rocks, topsoil, as well as other unwanted materials.

Trench Excavation: These services are meant to install pipelines and sewer lines, and burry service lines.

Basement Excavation: If you have a construction project that you need to be done below the ground, we can offer you basement excavation services.

Dredging: We do this by removing debris or sediments from underwater so that ships and boats can pass easily.

Fairfield County Excavation definitely has all you need for any excavation on your residential property. Do not hesitate to get in touch to get a free price quote as well as discussing the design and build process.

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