Excavation Contractors

General excavation, also known as special excavation, involves a wide range of services and project sizes. At Fairfield County Excavation, we pride ourselves in having the right skills and machinery required for any general excavation project. Among the general excavation services that we offer are:

  • Commercial and industrial excavations
  • Residential excavations
  • Installing water lines
  • Grading
  • Backfilling
  • Site relocation
  • Compaction
  • Restoration after demolition or property destruction
  • Solving storm destruction problems

To achieve results in all this, we use a vast range of equipment including backhoes, mini excavators, excavators, and skid steers. We also take the safety of our staff as well as the environment very seriously and take all necessary precautions towards this. Our excavations always follow the same process.

Site Surveyance

We always begin every excavation project by performing a site survey. We do this with the intention of studying and analyzing a variety of factors including the slope of the land, soil type, distance to human or wildlife population, and the presence or potential presence of any underlying structures or facilities.


After the site survey, we come up with a good plan for staging the work as well as determine the right machinery to use, and the number of workers to engage. We use the data obtained in the survey stage to identify the best approach to excavate. At this stage, we account for everything needed in the project. Part of our responsibility is ensuring due diligence by obtaining an excavation permit prior to launching operations. We submit information regarding the project scope for approval.

Site Development

Once we have a solid plan, we proceed to site development. We start this by clearing the land of any vegetation and plants prior to using any heavy excavation machinery. Later, we grade the site so that we can get a level base for laying the foundation.

Working with our competent team enhances our client’s safety. We focus on giving our clients maximum benefits and that is why we have strategies for curbing soil erosion like constructing silt fence barriers as a way of trapping eroded soils. We are also good at meeting client deadlines.

How can you get your general excavation project started? Visit us or give us a call to get a free price estimate. We consider the following factors when pricing general excavation including:

  • The type of concrete
  • The color of concrete
  • The Strength of concrete
  • Any special curing or testing required

Once we’re done going over the above points we will commence a design and build process with you.

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