Demolition and Subdivision

At Fairfield County Excavation, we have the technology and skills required for successful demolition and subdivision. Our demolition services are designed to not only to bring down buildings but also to clear any consequent debris. These services include commercial demolition, salvaging, scrap metal removal, debris management, lot subdivision services.

Commercial Demolition

We are experts in demolishing commercial buildings from tight/small spaces to busy environments. Over the years, we have demolished a wide range of commercial structures in Fairfield County including:

  • Office Buildings
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Bridge Decks
  • Grocery Stores
  • Warehouses

Salvaging and Scarp Metal

Fairfield County Excavation offers salvaging services to clients who have machinery or equipment that needs to be salvaged prior to demolition. We are equipped with the right machines to recover all crucial assets you might have on the demolition site. Our team is capable of salvaging any equipment or machinery and preserving it for future use. 

If the demolition site has scrap metals after the process that need to be removed or recycled, we have a service package specifically meant for that. We extract large structures of steel and get them processed onsite prior to hauling them away for recycling.

Concrete Crushing

Did you know that you could get LEED certification points once you recycle the concrete of your property? We help our clients achieve this by pulling up old concrete slabs that were used for the foundation and crushing them into reusable gravel. Our crushing services extend to brick and asphalt. With us, you will not have to spend money on costly landfill dump fee and tracking expenses as we will handle and crush all your bulky building waste on-site.

Debris Management

Our machinery is capable of handling high debris volumes regardless of the nature of the project. You also can choose to bring your materials to our reclamation site from where we are able to crush them for you. Everything recovered from your site can be reclaimed and used to create essential building material for road base and driveways.

Subdivision Services

Fairfield County is among the richest U.S counties and we are dedicated to ensuring that each family enjoys a premier lifestyle through our high-end subdivision constructions. We offer a wide range of consultancy services for land subdivision, land planning, and design. Our subdivision and land development services are:

  • Commercial and Industrial Subdivision and Development
  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Site Evaluation and Feasibility Study
  • Low Impact Development
  • Dam Engineering Services
  • Regulatory Compliance Evaluations

No matter what services you need you can rest assured that we are committed to enhancing safety and meeting deadlines. To know how much demolition and subdivision will cost you, visit or call us for a free price estimate. Fairfield County Excavation experts will also guide you on the ideal design and build process.

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